We aren't currently accepting applications. Join our general interest mailing list to be notified when applications are open again!

New members join through an application and voting process. If you're very interested in being part of Double Union but aren't sure whether you're “good enough,” please apply. Don't let impostor syndrome stop you!

Along with submitting an application, a qualification for membership is that you've met at least one member who is willing to say you seem like a reasonable potential member (such as that you'd respect the base assumptions, anti-harassment policy, and responsibilities of being a member). Please come to events to meet some of us! Or if you'd prefer a quieter opportunity to meet just a couple members over a cup of tea, email and we'll set this up.

Membership qualifications

Double Union welcomes members with a broad variety of interests, skills, identities, backgrounds, and histories. What we have in common is a set of values (base assumptions) and an interest in supporting each other and Double Union.

To keep the focus on a great space for women (trans, cis, queer, straight, and not-fitting-into-those-labels/other), all members must identify as women in a way that's significant to them. Members must also be old enough to carry out any responsibilities. Guests of members may be any gender or age. We specifically encourage bringing (supervised) children to the space.

How do members use the space?

To get a sense of what current members work on in the space, see our blog, Twitter, and wiki to find out about events/projects and equipment, or come to some events! People work on many things in the space, including adding lights to bicycles, electronics, circuits/soft-circuits, finding jobs, contributing to open source software, zine making, printmaking and textiles, public speaking, 3D printing, CNC machining, fiber arts, sewing/serging, and reading in the library.

Note that while Double Union is a great place to work on projects during the week, it’s not a good option for full-time coworking, taking conference calls or having team meetings. We have a very active members-only mailing list where events, workshops, and meetings are thought up and scheduled, as well as a members-only calendar. Any member can propose an event or workshop!

Membership benefits and responsibilities

Regular members

This is the membership type you want if you would just like to work on your projects and not have to run the space.

  • After attending at least two events (including at least one members meeting), you'll get a key code that lets you use the space whenever the building is open (generally 7am-6pm, Monday-Friday)
  • You'll also be able to use the space in evenings and weekends when a key member is present
  • Store your projects in the space (within reason)
  • Pay monthly membership dues (what you can afford – generally between $10 and $50/month)

Key members

Key members literally have keys to the space, but are also key to Double Union. If you would like to become a key member, talk to other key members about what it’s like and how to become one!

If you are a key member, you can:

  • Get into the space any time (a set of keys!)
  • Bring guests to the space

Key members also have responsibilities:

  • Contribute to the upkeep of the space
  • Volunteer for various tasks (e.g., library coordinator!)
  • Help uphold the rules of the space
  • Come to meetings
  • Help shape the space’s direction and future

Voting members

Voting members (who are usually also key members) choose to take on the additional responsibility of reviewing and voting on membership applications and adding new key members.

Decisionmaking at Double Union

We have a very active members-only mailing list where we propose and discuss things, and have members meetings about twice a month. This usually results in decisions without a formal process being necessary. Groups of 2+ members interested in a topic form committees, which generally have pre-approved budgets, to run events or be in charge of some aspect of the space's operation.

Our committees so far include bicycles, electronics, jobs, open source software, zine making, printmaking and textiles, public speaking, 3D printing/CNC machining. We also have several committees related to running Double Union together, such as developing our web application, networking/IT for the space, designing its physical space and constructing modifications, finance/administration, membership coordination, and maintaining the book library.

If something is hard to decide, controversial, or otherwise needs a final decision, our small board makes the decision. We don't want to get stuck in endless discussions; having a board avoids that problem. The board also does the legal and financial decision making involved in being a non-profit.

Current members

Some of our members include:

Hannah Grimm
Hannah Grimm voting member
Marlena Compton
Marlena Compton voting member
Valerie Aurora
Valerie Aurora voting member
Britta Gustafson
Britta Gustafson voting member
Natalie Freed
Natalie Freed voting member
Lillie Chilen
Lillie Chilen voting member
Liz Henry
Liz Henry voting member
Leigh Honeywell
Leigh Honeywell voting member
Holden Karau
Holden Karau voting member
Gayathri Kamath
Gayathri Kamath voting member
Meagan Gamache
Meagan Gamache voting member
Amelia Greenhall
Amelia Greenhall voting member
Roxanne (Dash) Brittain
Roxanne (Dash) Brittain voting member
Mary Becica
Mary Becica voting member
Vivian Ginsberg Brown
Vivian Ginsberg Brown voting member
Kiera Manion-Fischer
Kiera Manion-Fischer voting member
Sally Maki
Sally Maki voting member
Gina White
Gina White voting member
Tina Coles
Tina Coles voting member
Lauren A. Gucik
Lauren A. Gucik key member
Katherine Fellows
Katherine Fellows key member
Becca Rose
Becca Rose key member
Molly Clare Wilson
Molly Clare Wilson key member
Ni Mu
Ni Mu key member
Kathy Richardson
Kathy Richardson key member
Jennifer Wong
Jennifer Wong key member
Alicia Liu
Alicia Liu key member
Lin Clark
Lin Clark key member
Spring Nguyen
Spring Nguyen key member
Cori Johnson
Cori Johnson key member
Judy Tuan
Judy Tuan key member
Amy Lightholder
Amy Lightholder key member
Georgia Andrews
Georgia Andrews key member
Jeanine Adkisson
Jeanine Adkisson key member
Jensen Hussey
Jensen Hussey key member
Jana Beck
Jana Beck key member
Alyssa Kwan
Alyssa Kwan key member
Carmen Jackson
Carmen Jackson key member
Preeya Phadnis
Preeya Phadnis key member
Alice Rice
Alice Rice key member
Sophie Diehl
Sophie Diehl key member
Kiran Bhattaram
Kiran Bhattaram key member
Jayne Vidheecharoen
Jayne Vidheecharoen key member
Ankita Prasad
Ankita Prasad key member
Rae Bonfanti
Rae Bonfanti key member
Calliope Desenberg
Calliope Desenberg key member
Angela Lau
Angela Lau member
Amy Wibowo
Amy Wibowo member
Ali Rayl
Ali Rayl member
Eileen Carey
Eileen Carey member
Jade Wang
Jade Wang member
Mary Gardiner
Mary Gardiner member
Pamela Ocampo
Pamela Ocampo member
Teagan Widmer
Teagan Widmer member
Jane Lee
Jane Lee member
Jocelyn Lui
Jocelyn Lui member
Joy Scharmen
Joy Scharmen member
Abigail member
Ephrat Bitton
Ephrat Bitton member
Lynn Root
Lynn Root member
Leslie Wu
Leslie Wu member
Ondine Kilker
Ondine Kilker member
Kanane Jones
Kanane Jones member
Momo Akade
Momo Akade member